Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last day of Spring Break :(

For Christmas, we bought one of these garden bricks for the border of my Mom's flowerbed that she had been wanting done.  We put a note in with it that said in the spring, we would buy the rest and install her flowerbed border.  So, that was how we spent our Sunday.  Only it didn't take that long when you only have one layer, so we ended up helping with a few other projects too.  ;)

 (a little mulch and a few hostas and done!)
Small side bed:
We took a little time to explore the country.  You can't help appreciate the beauty everywhere when you are out in the country.

Stella running along beside the 4-wheeler when I got on with Kevin. She had a big time going with us.  We left the two boys at home.  She waded through big ditches, got in the pond, and just ran around enjoying the freedom.  The great thing about Stella (and the reason she got to go) is that we never have to worry about her running off.  She isn't going to ever go very far from us.  She's a good girl. :)
My dream is to one day live in the country and enjoy beauty like this every single day.  My parents land is absolutely gorgeous!

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Vader's Mom said...

Great job with the flower beds but that land is amazingly beautiful!!!!! And Stella... Love her!