Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What? Another horse show? :)

What did we do this past weekend?  Well, we went to another horse show and ran the concessions.  As Kevin likes to say, "we ain't making a plug nickel."  But, we are getting to spend time with family. :)  Concessions can be a brutal business of hit and miss.  Maybe after two more weeks we can come out ahead...of course, I'm going to need my "chef" to stop lounging around and cook! LOL!
 This weekend was all about my mom and dad riding because Autumn was going to her FIRST PROM!!!  Where has time gone?  How is she old enough for that?  Ahhhh!!!  In case you wonder if she loves horses or boys more, she was hoping the horse show would get rained out so she could make the make-up show and get to do both! ha!

Newport Hillbilly Horse Show - April 26, 2014

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