Thursday, April 24, 2014


 I need to get last weekend recorded because somehow it is already almost THIS weekend!  Not that I'm complaining but I'm not sure where this week went!! 
We spent Saturday doing concessions in Newport at the horse show.  My niece wasn't supposed to be able to come, but she surprised us and showed up and got to ride in two events.  :)  My mom got to ride in several events.  I managed to get pictures of one of them.  It's hard to "work" and try to watch for family riding. 

 This is Uncle Bubba trying to "scope out" the boy that follows my niece everywhere she goes at the horse shows. :)
 I love that we are getting to do the concessions and spend some family time together.  It'll be a bonus if we make a little money too! :)
Hillbilly Horse Show - Newport - 4/19/14

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Vader's Mom said...

How fun! And your niece is just beautiful, so I'm not surprised Uncle Bubba is on the look-out.