Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom's Day in the Country

 Yesterday we went to spend the day in the country with my parents and my brother.  We tried to get there way early and ended up maybe an hour early...we just can't get it together! ha!  But, we wanted to go fishing a little bit on the big pond.  Mom and Dad have 60 acres and the big pond is in the back corner, so away we went!! And, Bubba Bear got to go this trip (great thing about 3 dogs is everyone gets to take turns being the special one to get to go on trips...that's about the only plus I can give you for 3 dogs! LOL!).  Bubba Bear does chase the 4-wheeler and runs in front of it like an idiot, but other than that, he was AWESOME!  He was practically smiling all day!!  He loved it!  It was a great day of fishing, family and a little more fishing.  I did notice that I didn't get a picture with my Momma...shame on me!
 City dog?  I think not!  He plopped right down in the pond to cool off and we reeled them in one after another!  It was SO fun!!
 First official fish caught in Mom & Dad's pond!  That pond is FULL of brim and Kevin got a few bass!  Something big got on his hook a few times but got away and it even bent his hook!!  Got to catch that bad boy someday!

 Eye on the prize? ha!
 At times in the tall grass, all you could see were his ears flopping!! Haha!  We gotta get this boy out in the country!! He was loving life and crashed all the way home!

 The second fishing go around, Mom, Dad, Bubby and Valerie came out in the mule to see if we were making up just how fun it was to fish out there.  Bubba Bear and I caught a ride back instead of walking this time. 
PS.  There is no fashion contest in the country! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

That looks and sounds like a blast!!! I'm so glad that Bubba showed off his "inner-good-dog"!