Monday, May 19, 2014

Working on making a dream a reality...

Let me tell you a little about what has had our attention lately and completely side tracked us since Spring Break...
First, you should know that Big Bear and I had put ourselves on a "5 year plan" to work towards our dream of living in the country.  Then, on a whim, we went down the gravel road one Sunday at my parents place and looked at a place that has been for sale for a year and half.  I thought it was way over our heads remodel wise, then we went and looked at it and thought, "wow!  This has real potential!"  And, of course, the land speaks for itself and we LOVED the land.  All 45 acres of it!  Now, the owner was in Missouri working on the pipeline and we spent about 3 weeks waiting on him to get home before we could even get inside, but we had decided we were going for it.  So, we used those 3 weeks to get our money in order and get the banking part done.  Then, we waited.  And, went and looked at the land again on the 4-wheeler.  Gorgeous!

 So, we basically dreamed about it and fell in love with the place.  Then, the owner came home and we got inside.  My love waned a bit at that point.  I could see potential, but I also saw a lot of money and a lot of work. (And, that was BEFORE the inspection.)  I honestly only loved the porch on the house.  I was trying to find ways to make myself like it because the land was so perfect.  I even brainstormed how to build something else to live in!!  Well, my dad inspected it for us and as expected, there was some foundation issues, roof issues, heat and air, money, money.  The owner had already said we had to come up from our ballpark figure.  So, after dad gave us the low-down on repairs, we decided to walk away.  And, we did.  And, we were disappointed. 
 Next morning, owner texted and wanted to renegotiate.  So, we hired a professional inspector, really analyzed comps for the area and made a fair offer with US taking on ALL the repairs on the house. CrAzy!  But we were willing to live in our camper for the summer and do it.  The land is just too perfect.  End of a dirt road.  Private and my parents are right next door.  But, in the end, the owner just isn't realistic about the state of his house and his asking price.  So...we walked again. 
 Not sure what this journey means yet, but it has awakened our dream of living in the country.  And now we know we CAN do it and don't have to wait 5 years.  So...we have a realtor and are actively looking to make our dream come true.  Where, oh where, is this latest Benson adventure going to take us?  :)

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Vader's Mom said...

Oh my, what an awesome dream!!!! How's the search going?