Monday, June 23, 2014

First week of Summer

 My contract for the school year ended last Monday, so as soon as I finished work, we headed out to our favorite campsite (that is also dirt cheap at $12 a night), and camped Monday through Friday!!  We got a few new little treats to start the season off right.  My favorite are the camper lights:
 We had both been looking forward to this for WEEKS!  We have been so stinking busy and the chance to get away for a week a perfect reward!  Fishing, reading, relaxing, napping, eating...all in the peace of the woods.  We had the entire area we were in to ourselves too until Thursday.  Awesome!
 We fished each day in our favorite little cove and ended up catching enough brim to feed ourselves dinner one night.  That's what I call a win! :)  Bubba Bear is a good fishing partner too.  He got to go with us Monday & Tuesday night, then Kevin had a catering Wednesday so we drove in early Wed. morning and I switched out doggies so everyone would get a turn to camp. :)
 Wednesday & Thursday nights, Rex and Stella got to go with us.  Rex doesn't really like camping during the summer months, but he hates boarding even more! The poor spoiled boy needs a soft place to lay down!  We keep him in the camper a lot because he loves the bottom bunk. Rotten!
Our view for the week:
 Stella is our best camping dog.  And, honestly, one of my favorite things is playing fetch with her in the water and watching her swim.  She could do it for hours and seems to be grinning the entire time!

 All good things must come to an end.  Friday was time to break down camp and come home.  These two had either been boarding or camping since Monday so as soon as I raised the hatch, they jumped in (even though we were a long way from ready to go).  These city dogs were ready to get back to the comforts of home! HA!
It was a great week!  I think we might start off summer vacation every year this way!! 
Shouse Ford  @ Lake DeGray
site #77
June 16th -20th

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