Sunday, June 22, 2014

Introducing Ruby Rue Benson

 First, rest easy.  Stryder was adopted earlier in the week and went to the perfect home for him.  The local shelter had over 30 kittens/cats at one point this week.  They were WAY overfull and pleading for help.  This is a kill shelter, so I was getting nervous while we were camping, but I had left my number if Stryder was in danger at any point.  So...when we got there Friday, there were 3 cats and tons of kittens...kittens everywhere!!  And this little fella just took right to Kevin.  He was hooked and said, "this is the one!"  I was relieved because I couldn't pick to save my life!!
 And, it was a girl!!  I really wanted a girl.  I love a grey cat too.  Exciting!!!  Luckily, we had left Bubba Bear to board one extra night (we've been gone camping all week).  So, she only had to meet the two easy siblings the first night. :)

 Adoption day: Friday, June 20th
Birthdate: May 2nd - she came home to us at 7 weeks and weighing in at a mere 1 lb. 12 oz.  Crazy little!
 Rex is a little scared of her.  Stella is just curious.  No issues here.  Bubba is another story.  Might take a beat down with that one!
 It's hard to get good pics of her because she is a speedy little thing!!  Zips here and there like speed lightning.  She is sleeping and "living" in the master area for now until it is safe for her little self to have run of the house (except when we aren't home...she will be safely tucked away from the pups). 
Ruby Rue, I hope we have many years together cuddling and purring and playing, and I hope I have honored my Nala girl by saving you from the shelter and giving you a cushioned, spoiled life as a house cat. :)

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