Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meet Stryder...the next Benson????

 I went to the shelter today to look at a grey male cat.  Not Stryder...but when I got there in the cat room full of grown cats and kittens, it was somehow Stryder who got my attention.  I think it was his laid-back attitude.  I kept going back to him.
 We brought a dog in the room to see how the grey cat reacted.  You know, the one I was there to see. :)  The cat in the cage below Mr. Grey cat had a FIT and tried to attack the dog through her cage, which caused a big commotion.  Who do you think remained calm and cool through the commotion?  Yep, Stryder!  Kittens were scurrying for cover everywhere and there he laid like "what's the big deal?"  So, we brought the dog over to him and no reaction.  Opened his cage door, and the dog stuck his head in.  Stryder got up, stretched and came to sniff the dog's nose. 

 He's 7.  The oldest cat there.  He was an owner surrender in April.  He's been stuck in that small cage for 2 months.  Don't ask why his owners surrendered him.  People give all kinds of reasons.  They had a kid or they were moving and couldn't take him.  I will never understand it. 
 I couldn't stand it anymore and opened his cage and gave him full loving.  Two hands scratching and petting and he started purring.  My heart melted.  I almost cried.  I didn't realize how much I missed that sound.  A cat purring is a happy sound and did my heart good.  I gave an excited, "He's purring!" - like I was 2 years old and it was the first time I had heard a cat purr! ha!  The girl said, "Wow!  He hasn't done that in a long time."  NO PRESSURE! ha!
Kevin is going to meet him tomorrow...we'll see! 

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Vader's Mom said...

Oh yeah!!! I can tell the excitement just from this post. I love his eyes - so much going in there. Like, Hey Lady, take me home now please :) I hope that Kevin falls in love with him!