Monday, June 9, 2014

Quality Time/Relaxing Weekend

We were all set for another crazy, busy week and then had 3 cancellations - 2 catering and 1 concessions.  I am sure not complaining about the concession cancellation because that meant I had a weekend OFF!  Whoop!  I guess that's one reason to be happy for all this stinkin' rain!!
We decided to spend Saturday doing things that are fun to us and spending quality time together, so first we hit some yard sales.  I scored all the below for a mere $20!!!! Love! :)  That is 10, count them, 10 new tablecloths for camping!!
 After the yard sales and one estate sale where found an antique Bible, we hit the downtown area for the Farmers Market.  So, here is our total haul for the morning.  You know Big Bear shopped fresh food.  YUM!
 The resulting dinner:  LOVE grilled corn on the cob!!!!
Sunday was rain, rain, rain, but we were blessed with our nephew in town and he went to church with us and then had lunch and some family time.  The doggies were sure happy to have their cousin come play with them. :)

 Dinner Sunday night - compliments of my fishing in-laws! :)  When you are retired with a fishing boat, you catch so much that you have to share!
 And, we wrapped up the weekend in the closet for a tornado warning and sirens going off.  Good times!  The pups just give me the "heavy sigh" when we all get in the closet! ha!  Kevin even got in there with us this time for a few minutes.  He's usually "checking the weather" and keeping us updated.  He laughed at me when he realized I keep the 3 leashes in there.  He won't be laughing if we get hit by a tornado!!!
 Might as well get comfy....never know how long these things are gonna last! :)  Our next place WILL have a storm cellar.  This weather is getting out of control!

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Vader's Mom said...

I never find anything at yard sales, so you must be the person who gets there right before me! Sorry you guys had to use the storm closet, but I'm glad you were safe!!!