Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

 Yesterday, we went to the lake.  My favorite lake that I grew up on - Greers Ferry lake! :)  We used it as a chance to check out a new campground.  Good thing too because we didn't like the campground and if we had hauled the camper there and then not liked it, we would've been disappointed.  So, now we know not to make reservations there.  My brother unloads his boat there and my parents were heading over by water.  For the most part, it was a nice, relaxing day.  AFTER the initial excitement and near panic attack by me when my brother realized no one had put the plug in the boat!!  Then came the mad rush to get the plug in.  Which was followed by a whole heck of a lot of water getting dumped from the boat.  Hello sinking anyone?!?
The rest of the day, we were on the bigger boat with mom and dad and did some sightseeing and people watching. :)

We also scoped out a possible good fishing hole to use in a couple weeks:
4th of July on the lake = BUSY lake day with LOTS of good people watching but you gotta be on your toes with boats and seadoo's EVERYWHERE!
In one spot, we saw 10 boats tied together.  Who knows 10 people with boats? ha!

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Vader's Mom said...

Wow. I miss having friends with boats to hang out with! Ah - high school memories!