Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back to Greers Ferry Lake :)

 Our view for the past 3 days wasn't too shabby! :)  This time we went back to my favorite stomping grounds - Old Highway 25 Park on Greers Ferry Lake.  The first two times we went camping last year, we went there, and I really struggled with pulling the camper up and down this one mountain that is curve after curve.  I had built that mountain up in my head to be HUGE at this point and my palms were sweating as we got closer and closer.  BUT, I conquered my fear!!  It may have been huge in my first trips pulling the camper, but now with a years experience, I wasn't sure what all my panic was about!  yay!!  So, our next two trips are back in that direction on the lake I love the most! :)
 This was our 12th trip in the camper and we've had it a year.  I think we are making the most of it.  It was our birthday present to each other last year for our 40th and this year we camped for Kevin's 41st birthday and he got a new griddle for his awesome outdoor stove!  There is always some cool new camping gear that is needed/wanted. :)
 It was a pretty uneventful trip.  We took Bubba Bear & Stella in hopes that watching Stella swim would inspire Bubba to swim.  We may not have accomplished that but we did get him to sleep on the couch instead of in the bed with us!  Yippee!  That means I don't have to conform into a pretzel when Bubba comes camping! haha!  Rotten dog!

 Turns out Bubba Bear at least has the instinct to doggie paddle.  He just is NOT graceful in his swimming and sometimes he can't figure out how to MOVE forward.  He just treads water!  We were hoping he would take off after Stella and just get the hang of it.  Nope.

 Towards the end, Bubba couldn't take it and actually tried to swim out to Stella.  All hands were deck because unfortunately, he went right for her and was pawing her in the face and almost took her under.  Jeez!  No worries, next trip, Stella earned a solo trip for putting up with him. :)

 Resting up after our swim and rock climbing to get to the water!  It was a good, relaxing trip.  Little swimming, reading, napping, eating, relaxing, game playing (Racko & Yahtzee - Kevin won at both!).  We love our camper!!  As soon as the laundry is caught up, we are ready for the next trip!!  Pretty sure I am done ever teaching summer school again!  I am loving my time off! :)
Old Highway 25 Park - site G22 - July 6th thru 8th

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Vader's Mom said...

Love it!! Poor Bubba - I hope he gets the hang of it one day soon. But I'm happy for Stella to get some extra attention out of the whole thing. I'm sure she loves that!