Monday, July 14, 2014

Love of Dogs and Cats Update :)

 As of Friday, we have had little miss Ruby Rue for 3 weeks now.  I fully expected it to take all summer for her and Bubba Bear to get used to each other.  I was WAY mistaken!  The first week we had her, she stayed in the master bedroom and master bathroom only to learn where her litter box was, and we used that time to let the pups just watch her play through a child gate.
 After about a week of that, we let her come out with Bubba on a very short leash.  I wasn't sure what he would do.  He seemed obsessed with her, but he didn't lunge at her or snap or growl. So, after a few days, when she was out, we kept him on a leash but let him go to the end of it.  That's when they started playing with each other!  He would lay down and put his face down and nudge her.  She would of course attack in return and he would nudge her for more.
 At this point, it mainly became teaching him "gentle" so he wouldn't play too rough.  After about a week on the leash, we got this:
 So, we let him off the leash.  A few times, I would have to say "no" if she took off running because he wanted to chase her.  At a mere 3 weeks, we are all out in the living room together.  No dogs on leashes.  Everyone getting along.  The boxers play with her. She likes to lay down with them when it's bedtime.  Obviously, with her being so small, we supervise at all times.  Anytime we leave the house, she is tucked safely away in the master bedroom/bathroom area. :)
 I LOVE the picture above!!!  She is little but she has absolutely NO FEAR!  This girl is not timid or a scaredy cat.  She thinks she is boss and one of the dogs. :)
 Funny how the one I was worried the most about is her BFF! ;)
 If she ignores him, he practically begs her to play with him!  Pitiful!
 Surprisingly (or not), it is Stella that isn't fond of her.  Poor Stella.  She really wishes to be an only dog and I just keep bringing home more siblings for her! LOL!  She just ignores her and of course her tail is SO enticing for Ruby to play with.  She has given her a few warning growls.  Just the past two days, Ruby Rue seems to have decided to try to win Stella over.  She has calmly laid down next to her.  No sneak attacks.  Stella, being the neurotic one, will tolerate for a few minutes and then gets up and moves to a new spot. Baby steps!
 Probably not the best place to make a pillow if you know boxers at all! LOL!
So, all in all, our home is complete.  Ruby Rue is fitting in just right!  I sure love my husband for letting me bring her home despite his allergy to cats. :)  He's a keeper!

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Vader's Mom said...

I LOVE IT!!! She's so cute with them.