Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not as planned...

 Yesterday was my niece's horseshow.  My Mom and niece were both riding and I planned to go and watch them, try to relax in the heat (ha), have some good family time and see the new horse my niece wants.  The new horse she wants is the gorgeous one pictured above!!  Beautiful!  I did get to watch both of them in Halter Class.  My niece placed 5th and my Mom placed 2nd!  Woohoo!
 Mom with Doc & Autumn with Dobbin

 It is an hour and a half drive for me to get to this horse show and yesterday was "120 degrees in the shade" as my Bubby said.  After Halter was over, we were sitting around talking and I asked my brother why my Tahoe would be shaking once I hit high speeds.  He said my tires probably needed to be balanced and then went to look at them.  And bam!  The days plans suddenly changed.  How I made it to Pleasant Plains without a blow-out is a miracle!

Long story short:
Bubby offered to change tire because didn't think I'd make it home.
Jack up Tahoe.  Remove tire.  
Spare won't drop.  The release to the spare is stripped.  GREAT!
Trying to get spare to drop, knock Tahoe off the jack.  Tahoe on the ground.  Good times!
Bubby gets scissor jack and get Tahoe back up (keep in mind 120 in the shade!)
We put my tire in my sister-in-laws tiny trunk and I drive 30 minutes away to a Wal-mart for a tire.
ONE HOUR AND 15 minutes later and my blood pressure through the roof, I am heading back with a tire. (We won't even TALK about the Wal-Mart experience.)
Finally get back with tire, miss numerous shows with my mom and niece in them.
Bubby gets my new tire on.  In the heat. And never complained! :)

 So, my hero for the day was my Bubby!
This morning, I find out my Mom ended up having trouble on her way home.  The truck was stuck in 4wd drive and was overheating.  Imagine THAT stress - on the road by herself, late at night, pulling a horse trailer, and breaking down!!!  Luckily, we ALL ended up making it home safely and my niece got to ride horses all night.  It's all about her and making her smile! :)  Giddy up Cowgirl! :)
Pleasant Plains - July 12th

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Vader's Mom said...

Glad you are all safe and sound!! And those horses are beautiful.