Monday, August 18, 2014

A day of firsts...

 Yesterday, I began my journey as a Sunday School teacher!  I bet some people never saw that one coming! ha!  6th grade girls & they were such a sweet group...I was a nervous wreck, but God sent me the right partner to teach with, and we are going to be a good team.  Someday I will eventually learn NOT to worry.  God knows what He is doing. :)  Here we are making our prayer/Bible journals:
After church, we headed to Mom & Dad's farm.  We had a slight "farming" emergency and needed to get some hay off the ground before rain moved in.  Somehow over the years, I have always managed to avoid this task.  First off, it's hard work and secondly, it is always 100 degrees in the shade when hay season rolls around.  Lucky for us, my brother got there before us and got half the field picked up BY HAND before church was out!  YIKES!
This was GREAT experience for Big Bear because he keeps saying when we have land it is going to make us money...we can hay farm, cattle farm, etc.  I thought this would make him change his mind.  All it did was make him say, we are doing the big round bales only! ha! (The big round bales are moved with a tractor and you don't have to touch them.)

I love the country!!!!!  So stinkin' peaceful!  Someday....

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