Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School

It's that time!!  Once I get used to the alarm clock again, I'll be okay! Ha!  Today was workday #4 for me, and the toughest because it was an all day long meeting.  Those can be so hard on my A.D.D. :)  But, my favorite spot in the library (for the little ones) is shaping up!  See the giraffe in the corner? $15 online sale find! :)
 It might be hard to see...but see the Curious George picture leaning on the wall on top of the shelf?  $5 at a yard sale!  Score!  I really need a Pete the Cat doll & curtains and I think I'll be done in this corner at least!
 Yesterday's work...I'm not a fan of bulletin boards, but I knocked this bad boy out in no time!  It will stay up until AR gets rolling and then it's my AR bulletin board! :)
I do LOVE my job...I just had a really good summer and it's hard to go back! LOL!

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Vader's Mom said...

You've done a great job!! I love that bulletin board - I always enjoyed helping my mom put her's up. Can I come hang out in your library?