Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beth Moore Conference

 This weekend I went with a friend to Memphis to see and hear Beth Moore.  It was AMAZING!  This is my second time to get to go and listen to her and there is just nothing I can compare to it.  There were 9,500 women there all praising Jesus together.  Many, many goosebump moments.  You knew without a doubt that God was present.
 The praise and worship band that travels with her is SO GOOD!  The best part was when they would start us on a song all together and then cut the music...9,500 women all singing together = goosebumps.  Beautiful!  Saturday morning they brought in the drumline from Bethel University to "wake us up"...good stuff!!!  If you want a taste of how good the worship service was just search on youtube - Travis Cottrell either Victory in Jesus or In Christ Alone.  You will be blessed.  Trust me!
God is good.  All the time.  He has allowed nothing to come into your life that has not first been screened through His love.

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