Saturday, August 16, 2014

Door Banner Machine!

 What have I done for the past three days?!?  I have made door banners for every door in my building!!!  The long ones for classroom teachers.  That would be 26 of them! The shorter one is for specialists, and I whipped out 17 or 18 of those. I've lost count along the way, but we are showing some school pride now!!  Washington Wildcats!!!  Monday I will make about 12 more for doors like the lounge and office and parent center.  Ready for a new project! ha!  I went in for about 4 hours today just so I could get caught up on other things and make sure all doors had a banner hanging for Monday morning back to school.  My second year as a specialist and no classroom full of eager faces.  The first day of school is so different now.  Now, I'm nervous about tomorrow instead...first day of teaching Sunday School!!! ahhhhh!!!!

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