Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rolling on the River

 This was our view the past 3 days while we camped on the Little Red River.  It was our first river camping trip.  GORGEOUS!  Loved it!  We sat our camping chairs right in front of these trees & you can't tell from the picture, but we could watch the river through the trees.
 My hubby gets all the credit for the photo below...beautiful!  I fully admit that I was still asleep! ha!  Hazard of staying up too late reading! :)
 You have to forgive us, we are horrible at "selfies". :)  
There were places between the campsites to walk down to the river.  Lots of trails.  I should've snapped a picture of it because as you climbed down, you could literally feel the temperature drop and the paths through the woods to the river reminded me of The Hobbit and how I imagined some of their trails.  I must not have been too far off in that thought because before I even said anything, Kevin called it "hobbitan". LOL!
 What I liked about the river was the scenery...just beautiful and the temperatures!  It had to be at least 10 degrees cooler on the river.  Rex was the fur kid that got to go this trip and river camping may be perfect for him!!  We don't have to worry about him drowning because the water is shallow AND he doesn't overheat because it's cooler!
 The only problem with this trip was we didn't catch any trout!! :(  We aren't defeated though...just going to do a little research and then go try again! :)

JFK Park on Little Red River - site D14 - August 3rd - 5th

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Woohoo! Rex approved camping!!