Thursday, August 28, 2014

This is the stuff of late...

  • Going to look at a house on 9 acres an area close enough we wouldn't have to leave our church!!!  Whoop!
  • Scrap night with the girls is also tomorrow!!  Friday is looking GOOD!
  • Ruby Rue seems to be healing just fine from her front can tell by the way our fur babies relax how rough they have it!!
  • Ready for a 3 day weekend so I can READ and catch up on some sleep. ;) 
  • Saturday is the start of Hog FOOTBALL!!!!!  Is there a channel other than SEC network?  If so, our TV hasn't seen it in weeks!
  • Just so you know, if you step away from Facebook, they will send you emails daily that you are missing out! Ha!  I think I am at 2 weeks without and NOT missing it!  
  • Now, if someone would just come mow my yard, I could fully relax this weekend with no guilt that I should be doing anything else! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Had to pop over to the blog looking for cute fur kids photos! Glad RR is doing well. Looks she's adjusting just fine post-claws! - Michelle

Anonymous said...

Need more furkids pictures please. - Esta