Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Not "the one"

 The place we looked at Friday had so much potential...and was almost the one.  So close.  It was the right location.  Right land.  Right price.  See that picture above.  It had a creek that ran beside it all around to the back.  Clear running water with little water falls.  Stella would have loved it!
 The land was 9 acres and had character, plus part was fenced for a horse (theirs), but we were thinking "our miniature donkey and goats." :)
 It had a barn with three good stalls...
 And, then we walked inside...about the third step in, I felt the floor "give".  With EACH step through the house, I could feel it. :(  House (from 1977) turned out to be a modular home that they had added onto.  Every wall was wood paneling with wallpaper over it.  Floor sinking and no working air conditioner.  Not the one.  So close.  The search continues...

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