Sunday, October 5, 2014

CrAzY Week!!!

 I was so exhausted by the end of this past week, I am sure I was running on just fumes.  Hopefully, a more detailed blog of these events will come later this week, but I make no promises.  If all goes well with appraisals this week, I imagine we will be in full blown packing mode.
Let's backtrack...first there was SETTING UP the book fair.  It's a big deal.  We set up a theme area for the kids to get to enjoy a game before shopping so everyone has fun at the book fair.  It takes a full day to set up and at the end of that day, it is the teacher preview.  I got to spoil my teachers GOOD this year.  Big Bear made BBQ sliders, bread pudding, a sausage & cheese tray, & veggie teacher preview was a hit! :)
 Then, Saturday ( 4 am), Big Bear left for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with the mission team from our church.  He was gone for 5 days and we were getting ready for our house appraisal before he left.
 I tackled the rest of the week by myself, it was book fair by day. That equals getting to school by 7:15 each morning and standing in the car line with a sign advertising, dressing like Queen ReadaLot and staying on my feet all day & swallowing lunch whole because there is no such thing as a break with the book fair! :)
 It was book fair by day and then come home and work on redoing Kevin's bathroom by night.  I need to get an "after" picture.  It was worth all the work.  PLUS, we set an all time high in sales at the book fair!!
 Kevin came home late Wednesday night and then Thursday night a massive storm with straight line winds (although I'm not sure it wasn't a weak tornado) came through.  We had part of our big tree down all over the yard and on the roof.  But, we were lucky.  Our neighbors all around are missing shingles and had big trees down and fences knocked down or blown away.  CrAzY!!!  I had to miss my Donuts with Dad event Friday morning because I couldn't get out of the neighborhood due to downed powerlines and trees.

 We were without power from Thursday night about 8 pm to Saturday about noon.  BUT, the power is on now, everyone is safe, the debris have all been cleaned up, and we are safe.
Appraisal is Tuesday.  Say a prayer that all goes well and this week is CALMER!

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Vader's Mom said...

That storm hit here as well, but managed to go North & South of my office and my house. I had friends with situations like yours, except they got their power back faster!

Good Luck this week! Many prayers going up for you!