Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Country Living Dreams Part 1

I have to journal this roller coaster journey as much as possible while I still remember the ride we've been on the past two months trying to make our dream of having land a reality.  What a ride!  Not much is ever simple in BensonLand! :)
First, I was browsing Zillow and saw a house with real potential that came with 5 acres and had 5 additional acres next door.  Kevin was gone to play in a golf tournament and I called asked him if he cared if I just went to "check it out."  After church, I drove on over and couldn't tell much because there was a gate that had the realtor lock on it, but as soon as I pulled in the drive, my heart kind of skipped a beat.  It was the first house I had seen on land that was actually CUTE!  Trust me when I say it is NOT easy to find a house on land that has been well maintained.  (especially in our if we had several hundred thousands to spend, totally different ballgame.)
September 9th is the day this all officially started.  That was the day we went with our realtor to seriously look at it.  Keeping in mind that they had it priced WAY above market value.  I thought the price seemed out of whack and my realtor looked up comps to confirm it.  It had only been on the market for two weeks at this point, so we figured it might take awhile for them to come down on the price.  Honestly, I took more pictures of the barn than the house that night.  I wanted my Mom to see the awesome barn, and I truly wasn't sure we would make an offer until it had sat on the market a little longer and they lowered their price, or if we did make an offer, I didn't think they would accept...little did I know, I was standing in line for a wild roller coaster ride that was going to last two months!!  And, then I'd be sleeping in this cute country house sitting on 10 acres!
 Needless to say, we did some research and got some comps and made an offer.  An offer we didn't think would be accepted but we played ball back and forth a bit and settled on a price.  A total God thing!  Now we were under contract and due to close on October 15th.  Meanwhile, Kevin leaves on a Mission trip to the Dominican and I host a week long Book Fair at school.  Behind the scenes, there are papers being gathered, appraisals getting scheduled...all that good stuff!

More to come...I have no internet yet, so I must blog this story when I can during my lunch hour. :-)

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Vader's Mom said...

LOVE IT!!! I was wondering if you had moved :)