Saturday, November 22, 2014

Country Living Dreams Part 3

And then came the barn drama...long 2 day saga cut short is basically the appraiser found in his research on the property that the barn was too close to our one neighbor to legally have animals (with a hoof) in it.  Hmmm...did we have those animals yet?  No.  Were we planning to someday?  Yes.  Did we give the barn value in our offer? Yes.  Does it have value to us if we can't use it for its intended purpose?  Not really.  So, the research began.  For two days - us, both realtors & the owners of the property (who HAD horses and HAD horses in the barn) called everyone we could think of.  We were basically ran in a circle.  In the end, we had to decide how important this was to us.  Was it a deal breaker?  Turns out, it was a great chance to meet our one neighbor.  They assumed we had horses.  Because either horses or cattle have been on this property for over 20 years!!!  We can HAVE animals, but if the neighbor complains about them in the barn, we have to follow the city ordinance of keeping them 300 feet away from nearest neighbor.  After the run around we were given, I doubt this is ever an issue.  BUT, if it is, we will turn the barn into a shop and build a lean-to.  For now, it is the source of where every bit of junk in the garage has gone to until we get organized.  No animals yet. :)  Maybe in the spring...although some of the drama of the past two months will have to seriously die down before I bring anything else home!!! 

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