Monday, November 24, 2014

Country Living Dreams Part 4 was settled.  We decided to move forward after the barn issue.  Closing was set for Thursday.  Once again, we didn't make closing.  The bank blamed the title company and the title company blamed the bank.  Good times!  But, Friday was the day.  It was supposed to be first thing that morning but actually happened around 1 o'clock.  We were getting used to hiccups in the road.  No idea the road bumps ahead though!  Whew!
We closed.  Finally!!!  And, in good news, we wrote a much smaller closing cost check than we originally expected. It was time for a "happy".  
So, now we own two homes.  For the next two days, I feel like we kind of spun in circles not knowing where to start!!  Since closing kept getting moved, it was hard to schedule utilities so we had no electricity over the weekend at the new place.  We pretty much changed the locks and packed and moved the stuff in our shed over.  Then it went like this: 
Monday: Kevin's parents came to help & thank God they were here!!  Kevin's car broke down.  He basically spent that day at the shop and $900 later, we have a new front end on Kevin's Tahoe.
Tuesday: Kevin gets sick and is in bed with a fever all day.  (Good news is Kevin's parents got new place cleaned, all blinds installed and the brush cleared out for the fence people!!!)
Wednesday: Kevin has to work and I'm on my own all day moving stuff.
Thursday:  I have to go to work since I haven't been all week. :)  While I'm in a meeting, fence people are starting on the fence at the new place.
Friday:  Kevin has 2 caterings and has to work at golf course, so dad & I move EVERYTHING but the garage stuff at the old place.  This is our first night to sleep in the new place!!! Yay!!!  
After that, it was an endless series of small trips back and forth EVERYDAY!!  It got old quick!  We had no refrigerator since we left ours for future renters.  Fast forward to Thursday and Lowe's is delivering all our new appliances.  They called to confirm the night before and would be here between 8 and noon.  Kevin had a lunch catering so once again I had to take off work.  I'm not happy about it but I figure it will be worth it.  Lowe's calls at noon and says they won't be here until 4!!!  I was NOT happy!!!  I could've gone to work and I told them that.  Then they get here and the guy tells me he can't install the dishwasher OR the microwave above the range.  Needless to say, I had words with Lowe's because this wasn't what we were told.  FYI - delivery guy said this happens all the time but they don't want to miss the sale so they don't tell you.  I did get a $100 gift card for my "troubles" though.
In the end, my friend, Jennifer installed our dishwasher and my dad installed the microwave.  We may have flooded the kitchen a bit in the dishwasher install but it's all good.
THEN, it got REAL interesting!  Next disaster was the sewer back up!!!  I'll save THAT for tomorrow...oh, and did I mention in the midst of it all, we got renters.  They looked on Saturday and wanted to move in on Wednesday!!  We had a deadline and needed to get the rest of our stuff OUT, get the rent house cleaned and ready...good times! :)

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