Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Country Living Dreams - Wrapping it up :)

 Here's how it went down.  The night of the Lowe's delivery gone bad, right before we went to bed, I noticed water coming from under the toilet in my bathroom.  I wasn't going to even say anything to Big Bear because we were both so stressed at this point, but then when I tried to flush, the water went the wrong way and I quickly turned off the water only to notice back up in the bath tub.  I went to Kevin's bathroom (we don't share) and same thing!!!!  We went to bed both sick to our stomach and stressed.  I barely slept at all.  I got up the next morning and made a 911 call to my dad.  At like 6 am and woke him up.  He immediately got up and drove the 45 minutes to my house and snaked the line.  He said we had a clogged line.  We put new rings on the toilets and new flappers and all was good.  Then, fast forward 5 days, same thing.  Clogged again.  Dad had left the snake but Kevin and I couldn't get it unclogged.  We called a plumber and he came out the next morning to do that fancy snake thing to it.  He unclogged us but said it was only a matter of time before we clogged again. He could feel something in the line around the fence post.  He told us to call our fence people because he thought they hit our line laying the fence.  Called the fence people and they came the very next morning and dug up the post and no damage.   Plumber comes back and runs the camera free of charge because he is perplexed.  Sees the damage.  I see it too. He marks his camera at the fence post.  We saw there was NO damage there, but could see it on the camera so...we called the fence people and they argued with the plumber back and forth.  All we knew was there was definitely a damaged line but WHERE?  So, what do you do but dig???
 Rex wasn't sure why WE could dig but he got into trouble for digging, so he just napped the day away...:)
 We dug over a yard out from where the plumber swore the problem was...we saw nothing!  So, you guessed it, Dad came!  We pulled out the 45 that was under the fence post.  NO DAMAGE, but dad didn't like the 45 they used, so we went ahead and replaced it.  Thinking maybe that was the problem after all.  We replaced part of the line too and left it all dug up so the plumber could see it.  He came back again because he hated that he told us the wrong place or that we couldn't find it.  We ran the camera and there it was!!  Inches...mere inches past where we had given up and stopped digging!!! 

 I was relieved to FINALLY see the problem, but also sick that we stopped inches too soon!  I knew dad had to work the next day, and couldn't come replace it.  But, never underestimate my dad.  When he saw the picture and how close we were, he said that him and my brother would head back that way and get it taken care of so I could stop worrying about it.  I just needed to make a Lowe's run for pipe and get some light on the area.  That's right.  They came back (45 min here and 45 min drive back) after dark!!  I cannot express my appreciation enough!!!

 It appears when the previous owner laid the electric for the barn, they damaged the sewer line.  HOW in the WORLD they didn't clog up once a week is beyond me!  They HAD to!!

 There they are!  My heroes!  What a plumber said would be $800 minimum, they repaired for less than $50!!  My handy man dad ROCKS!

 And presto!  All better!  I can use the bathroom!!! Wash dishes!! Do the laundry! Run the disposal!!  It's all good!
 Note:  This has NOT been an easy move AT ALL!  And, unless someone comes and offers us some crazy amount of money for the land we are now sitting on, I do NOT want to move for a very, very, very long time!!!  We sure hope this is the end of all the crazy and we can relax a little and enjoy our new place!  Whew!  What a ride!

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