Thursday, December 11, 2014

Benson's Meet NYC - Last day :(

 Highly recommend Yotel.  Small room but all the room you need.  The bed had a button to make it sit up more to watch tv and could even make into a couch but then laid all the way down for sleeping and it wasn't uncomfortable.  Either that or we were so exhausted from all the walking we had done each day that we didn't notice! ha!
 We stored our bags with the robot in the lobby.  Pretty cool stuff and then went out to explore one last time.  We had until about 2 pm, so we went and did our cheesy virtual helicopter ride at the Empire State Building (we had skipped that part when we went and still had the tickets).  Then, we went to Macy's and rode the 6 flights of elevators to the top floor.  Since I'm not much of a shopper, that's about all the excitement we could stand in Macy's! ha!
 Back to Times Square to just walk around, people watch, shop a bit, and say good bye.
 We grabbed a few souvenirs.  Yes, he bought that hat!  :)
 Then, we went to John's Pizzeria.  BEST pizza I have EVER had in my life!!!  Oh my goodness!  If you go to NYC, you HAVE to go there!  Neat history behind the starting of that restaurant too.

And, that's a wrap!  I'm SO glad we went!  Great stress reliever from all the moving mishaps.  And just a fun way to spend Thanksgiving! :)  Now...let me see what is next on that ole bucket list!

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