Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Benson's Meet NYC - Thanksgiving Day

 This was a jam packed day of adventures and exploring the city!!  LOTS of subway riding today! :)  We started our Thanksgiving day by heading to the Empire State Building to see the view.  We knew the parade would have people's attention so thought it might lessen the line at the Empire State Building.  I guess we were right because it wasn't crowded.  Great views all around.  It was snowing on the observation deck...
 We were cold, but certainly not miserable and not freezing even though the temps were in the high 20's.  I did have on multiple layers and my thermals!! :)
 After the Empire State Building, we headed to the Macy's Day Parade!! It took us a bit to find just where we wanted to watch from and after some configuring, we ended up right at the corner of Macy's!!  Kevin did good!!

 I saw on the news that morning that Kiss was going to be in the parade and I didn't want to miss them!!  I love Gene Simmons!
 It was pretty awesome!!  The streets were full of people and everyone got excited when the next balloon came.  At times, it was snowing these gorgeous, huge snowflakes and I couldn't help but feel like it was a movie! :)

 We did skip out of the parade before the ending and headed to Katz's Deli for lunch.  Kevin had been dying for this meal since we booked the trip!!
 You might have to blow up the pic below to see it, but it's the restaurant of the famous scene in When Harry Met Sally and she fakes the "you know what"...yep, that deli!  And, it was that good! ha!
 Our Thanksgiving lunch:
 After lunch, back to the subway and we went to the 911 Memorial.  They did a beautiful job!!  Pictures don't do it justice at all!  It was very peaceful and serene.  Very sobering experience.
 Walking the streets up to it, you couldn't help but get chills and think about all the scenes we have seen played over and over from that day.  All I can say is that if you get a chance to go to NYC, stop by and just pay a tribute to those who lost their lives that day.
 About two or three blocks away from the 911 Memorial is Battery Park.  I loved the feel of Battery Park.  I think if I had to live in New York, I would want to be near Battery Park or Central Park.
 From Battery Park, you can see the Statue of Liberty across the Hudson River.  We didn't ferry over this time.  I just wanted to see it and I did.  :)
 By this time, we are really starting to wind down and get a bit tired.  It takes a lot of walking and subway riding to hit all these spots in one day.  So, we found a neat little coffee shop and took a break.  That was some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had!!
 After that little break, we may have gone back to the hotel and taken a power nap!!!  Then, we got up, bundled up, grabbed a slice of pizza and went to Times Square to watch a movie...not just any movie...Mockingjay Part 1!!!  Awesome, awesome day!!  I don't see how ANY Thanksgiving can ever top it!

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