Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 was a good year!

 January (& February were Awana and Upward at our Church).  I had 2nd grade girls on Wednesday nights and helped with the concession stand during Upward games on Saturday's.  Kevin helped referee games on Saturday's.  We love our church!
 Most of January was spent worrying over my sweet Nala girl.  She had stopped eating, but hung on as long as she could.  We ended up saying good-bye on February 3rd.  After almost 18 years together, she died in my arms.  Bittersweet.
 February started off rough with the loss of Nala, but it also brought the blessing of Kevin's first mission trip.  He was able to go with a group from our church to the Dominican Republic.
 March brought the beginning of horse show season. :)
 And, a scrapbook retreat for me with my bestie! :)

 April was the start of camping season!  Big Bear got a new camping stove and was excited to get to use it!

 May was Mother's Day at Beebe.  We had started looking at the land next to my parents at the end of March and in May that deal wasn't meant to be.  BUT, the blessing was that we know knew we could achieve a dream of ours.  It was just going to be a search for land we could afford. :)
 June was LOTS of camping and the introduction/adoption of Miss Ruby Rue into our family.  She was 1.7 lbs. and we weren't sure what Bubba Bear was going to do, but turns out that a worry that we didn't need to have. :)

 July was more camping and Ruby Rue getting comfortable with her doggie siblings. :)  I love this picture of Kevin with his mom!

 August held a final camping trip of the year to the river.  A first for us - camping on the river and we loved it.  My second year as a librarian started and at church, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started teaching a 6th grade girls Sunday School class.  I love it!!

 September 15th we made an offer on a house with 10 acres (that got accepted!!!) and Kevin was able to go on his second mission trip to the Dominican with our church!

 October brought a storm that went right over our house.  Scary!  We were also busy getting our house ready for appraisal (good timing with the storm, huh?) :)  In October, my beautiful niece turned 16!!!

 We closed on our new house October 31st and moved in on November a horse trailer! Now that's country!!  After a stressful month moving, getting renters for the other house and dealing with a crushed sewer line at new house, we spent Thanksgiving in New York City!!!!!

 December was filled with "land/farm" chores and lots of family Christmas times!
Reflecting back, 2014 started out with sadness, but brought many, many blessings and was a really good year!  Makes me wonder what 2015 has in store! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

You guys have had an amazing year - And I loved this recap.