Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Date Day

 We started a Marriage Bible Study at our church for the next 6 weeks and were challenged to go on some type of date once a week.  So, for our first week, we decided to start with something we love to do...explore!  On our 10 acres, the front 4 are fenced and cleared but the back 6 are total woods...we put on our muck boots and headed out.  We discovered several cool areas and a few little creeks that crisscross with each other. :)

After exploring our land (I'm still in awe that we own land!!!), we went to dinner and rented a Redbox.  A noneventful 3 hour movie called Boyhood.  I don't recommend it! ha!

1 comment:

Vader's Mom said...

How fun! Your property is gorgeous! And thanks for the note about Boyhood...