Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Christmas Break (in photos)

 2 weeks off is bliss!  I cannot lie!!  Especially when we just moved and it gave me a chance to get things done.  But, it started off with a trip to my Granny's for Christmas at Granny's and spending the night at Kevin's parents.  Ruby Rue had her first overnight at home by herself.  She was good but immediately jumped in my bag when I got home.  I think next time,she wants to go too! :)
 After we got back, I went into "get her done" mode.  Finally got our scrap metal pile hauled off...which gave us a back porch. :)
 Better but definitely not done :)
 And, everything inside finally found it's home.  Everything is unpacked.  Whoop!
 Then, it was Christmas Eve with Kevin's family:
 Christmas morning with the furbabies:
 Christmas Day in Beebe.  Our first Christmas at my parents new place.  We had our own private firing range:
 Then, it was time to clean out the barn (where we threw EVERYTHING we didn't know what to do with):
 The stalls (3 of them) all basically looked like this AND the people who moved left a ton of junk behind that needed to be cleaned out:
 But not anymore:  Barn is ready for miniature donkeys or goats ... :)
 We got a miter saw with our Christmas money from Kevin's sister and Kevin built me some shelves in my craft room closet!!!
 And, I filled them up and organized :)
 Then, we FINALLY went and got our camper and concessions trailer and brought them to their new home.  It's going to be so NICE having them right here instead of driving to a parking spot to get them when we need them!

I used more Christmas money to buy new knobs for the kitchen cabinets (left is the new):
 Time for new hair cut and color and new beanie with Christmas money ... I LOVE Christmas money!
 And, today, the last day of vacation, the chainsaw made its first appearance.  We cut, piled and burned.  Good country day!  The dogs are exhausted from running all day!
 And that wraps up a productive and awesome Christmas vacation (and yes, I read a book, review is post below! ha!)  I'm in denial about going back to school tomorrow!!


Marion Dunn said...

Wow! That was indeed a happy Christmas break. Nothing beats the feeling of excising a bit of bulk and clutter in your home, right? That's really a welcome break. I just wonder what you did with all the metal pile you hauled off? Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for sharing those photos! All the best to you and your family!

Marion Dunn @ Global Resources

Vader's Mom said...

You guys are so good with your Christmas money!! I love all your land and can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!