Tuesday, February 10, 2015

29...and holding!

 My 29th birthday (again) started out celebrating with my 6th grade girls Sunday School class!!  We just had fun with it.  They started in weeks ago reminding each other to bring me M&M's, poptarts and Dr. Pepper...just a few of my favorite things! ;)  So, we had a donut breakfast and presents and then arts and crafts! Love 'em!
 Then, my family headed this way to spend the day at our place.  Mom hadn't seen it since we moved in and my niece hadn't been here yet.  So, we ate pizza and had cake and then explored the 10 acres together.  We pretty much all like to explore land.  I guess I got it naturally from my parents. :)
Bubby, Valerie and Autumn
Me with my Bubby and Mom & Dad (the originals) :)
My gorgeous niece is all grown up!
Poor Big Bear was SO tired from being up all night cooking for a catering that day for lunch!
 Autumn was excited about her "treasure" she found in the woods.   A horse skull.  She's going to clean it up and paint it!

 And, of course, I couldn't let dad get away without fixing something! Our outside faucet wouldn't turn off until you hit it with a hammer.  Dad had it fixed in less than 15minutes!  He's the man! (with an audience!ha!)

 A great family day!  We need more like them!!

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