Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Almost became a GOAT farm!

Since Kevin had a catering and had to work on my actual birthday, I took off Monday and we had my "birthday" then.  And, it almost got out of control!  We went to a REAL farm...I'm talking, they have almost every farm animal you can imagine...and we almost came back home with a goat and a lamb!!!  The first thing we saw was Ruby's twin!! (see picture above) & if you remember Simba, his twin is beside her!!  They were super friendly and I was in love!

 There were peacocks and baby goats still on the bottle & lambs still on the bottle...adorable!
 Hello!!!!  Baaaa!!! :)

 This fella and his look alike brother almost came home with us.  It was all I could do to DRAG Kevin out of there...seriously!  Crazy as it sounds, I had to be the voice of reason!  We went for fainting goats and turns out their dad was a fainting goat but their momma was something else, so they weren't fainting goats.  I wanted to wait until we found what we wanted.  Plus, we need to get their area ready!!  Ahhh!!  It's easy to get caught up in the moment! ha!

 Now, if Kevin would've said I could bring this lamb home, I'd have been all over it!  How cute is she?  But, I was loosing focus!  We need goats to clean up our brush.  What am I going to do with a sheep? ha!
 Exhibit A for what purpose behind our future goats:
 And, now picture this A frame as a future goat enclosure...goats don't like to get wet so you need something out in the pasture with them with 3 sides so they can get under it when it rains. :)

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