Monday, February 23, 2015

Scrap Retreat!!!

 I was supposed to leave early Friday morning for this retreat, but trying to outsmart the weather and get ahead of possible sleet/ice on Friday morning in Central Arkansas, I headed up to Fayetteville Thursday night.  Pro:  It knocked out 3 hours of my drive.  Con: I was away for 3 nights instead of 2. (I'm a major homebody!)  It's a little over 4 hours drive for me to go to this scrapbook retreat with my bestie, but totally worth it!!  A bunch of scrappers rent a big house on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  Awesomeness!
 Everyone gets their own 6 ft. table and pair up to take care of one meal while there.  So Michelle and I did BBQ nachos for one of the lunches.  Thank you Big Bear!!! :)  Good food, good conversation, time with the best friend, ...winning combinations!
 I am SO, so, so happy that Michelle and I are back to finding time to spend together again.  Twice a year now we scrap retreat.  Priceless time together. Wish we lived closer!!
This retreat I broke my all-time retreat record for pages scrapped! I scrapped 29 pages on Friday and 40 on Saturday for a grand total of 69 pages!!  I would've done even more on Sunday but I had to get up and hit the road to avoid YET ANOTHER snow storm and get home before a sleet storm hit at home. :(  I didn't even think I would get to my NYC pictures and I finished them all!!!  Woohoo!!  69 pages and 5 tape runners = scrap success!
February 20-22 Sky Ranch in Oklahoma

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