Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More Spring Break in pictures :)

 It has been a non-stress, low key Spring Break.  I am usually working hard to get a chore list a mile long done, so I got to thinking, "What is different?"  And, you know what?  I had like 6 flowerbeds at my old house to get ready and the little pond.  It was a lot of work!  I won't make THAT mistake again. ONE flowerbed here on the farm.  Mark my words!  I have enough to do without having to maintain more than one flowerbed!  So, we have enjoyed our stress free Spring days...Kevin finished up the brooder box so the baby chicks could come home.  You see above, Bubba Bear supervised the work. :)  We have had bonfires that were so big they lasted two days!
 I realized I didn't make a sofa table, but a cat perch!
 We have just enjoyed our land!!!  It makes me HAPPY to see my fur kids so HAPPY!
 Another great thing about land is that I don't care if they lay on the flowers...they are EVERYWHERE!
 And, we added 8 new members to the Benson fam! :)  Chicks to be named...
Black astrop
Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red

 Loving life!!  Can I retire at 42? :)

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Vader's Mom said...

This post makes me so happy!!! I love that you are loving life. And the puppy in the flowers - oh my goodness - what a great photo.