Sunday, April 26, 2015

Introducing Jethro and Elly May

 Jethro (the white one) and Elly May (brown one) are the newest members of the Benson clan!!  They are miniature donkeys and Jethro is 8 months old and Elly May is 10 months old.  They have the same daddy but different momma's. :)
 When we bought this place, we said we wanted miniature donkeys or goats and chickens.  We really wanted goats to help clean up the land.  There are briers and stickers everywhere.  Turns out if you don't give donkeys grain and a lot of hay, they will clean your land for you.  So...we may not need goats after all.  And, donkeys to me are MUCH cuter AND a lot less maintenance/trouble!  
I have searched high and low for miniature donkeys with no luck and then out of the blue I decided to check Craigslist again, and there they were...only 3 hours away!!  We called early in the week and the guy said he would hold them for us until Sunday when we could get there.  So yesterday, I drove to Newport to borrow the horse trailer and today we went to get them. :)  It was just past Mena in Hatfield and a gorgeous Arkansas drive in the hills and country!!
 Today is their first day away from their momma's. :(  And, it was no easy task loading them into the trailer for their FIRST trailer ride for 3 hours with lots of hills and curves.  Poor babies!  They didn't come out of the trailer for almost an hour.  We left the back door open and just eventually walked away and came inside knowing they could see the green grass and if they got hungry, they would get out.  Sure enough, I went outside to take them fresh water and I could hear them braying and see them running.
 They pretty much immediately settled and started grazing (aka mowing the grass! whoop!).  They will bray occasionally and it sounds like they are crying.  And, oh my, it is LOUD!
 I thought they weren't going to get out of the trailer, so I had already put my PJ pants on! LOL!  Anyway, this picture is purely to help show how tall/short they are. At the withers, they come to just under my thigh.  It will be a week of trying to get them to trust us and come to us.  And, of course, we have to introduce the dogs.  THAT should be interesting!!!

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