Friday, April 24, 2015

What have you missed?

Working on the chicken coop (aka Cluck Cabin)...
Visited a friend's Great Pyraness (sp?) PUPPY (4 months old)...left wanting one and was shut down quick by the Big Bear! LOL!
Had fun with my 6th grade girls...prayed about it and am moving up with them next year to the PreTeen building and teaching 7th grade Sunday School!  Who would've thought?!?
Librarian Appreciation Day was AWESOME!  My coworkers spoiled me good!!!
Baby chicks keep growing and loosing their cuteness by the day, but they are all 8 still alive and well!
Hosted a Spring Book Fair all week because I am CRAZY!

Big Bear ROCKED out the Teacher Preview with some awesome food!  AwEsOmE!!!!
The baby chicks needed more room so we moved them out of the brooder box and rigged up an area about 1/4 of the horse stall until Cluck Cabin is finished.  They are happy hens!
No more heat lamp as of last Friday. :)
Farm boys...chilling while Mommy and Daddy do chores.  We just pretty much love our new place!  So glad we took the leap of faith and made a dream of ours reality.  God is good!

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