Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Doses of Fur Baby Cuteness!

 We have had Elly May and Jethro 10 days tomorrow.  Elly May will come right up to us and sniff our hand but then shies away.  We are now where we can let Rex and Stella completely off leash with them.  Bubba Bear is, of course, still on a leash.  Although, he graduated to a long lead tonight.  They all seem most concerned with hunting down the donkey poop to eat!  GROSS!  And, Rex is definitely the donkey whisperer.  They just come straight up to him and get nose to nose. :)

 Ruby Rue turned one this week!!!  That really flew by!!  She may be a hot mess of trouble, but she sure is a pretty cat! Ha!

 Elly May is going to love us first! :)
 Chicken coop has one side almost done...3 sides to go.  This thing is taking forever! shhh!  Don't tell I said that! ha!
Other than farm chores and cute animals, we went to a marriage conference this weekend, but that was such an amazing experience, it has to be a post all by itself! 

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