Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Funny Story...

 So, Miss Jane came to stay with us on Sunday.  The other two wanted nothing to do with her until yesterday and then they decided to let her at least near them while they ate.  Fast forward to me walking up to the house after mowing.  I happen to glance over as Miss Jane uses her back leg to scratch her belly...and what do I see?!?  BOY PARTS!
 I walk in and Kevin said, "What's wrong?"  I said, "I think Miss Jane is a boy."  He said, "No way."  I replied, "I'm pretty sure I just saw a ding dong."  Then, we both went outside and spent about 30 minutes following the donkeys all over the pasture trying to get a "better look".  It ain't easy to see their "parts".  They are, after all, low to the ground, have pot bellies and lots of fur.  We decided to get some grain and while they were all 3 eating, we were practically laying on the ground looking under "Miss Jane."  We were like, yep, that's a penis.  And, then, he/she/it got excited and there was NO DOUBT!
 Yep, NO DOUBT!  Miss Jane is a boy!  We called the guy we got it from and he said he would take it back.  We can't have two boys.  Two jacks fight to the death first of all.  Second of all, I paid for and thought I was getting a girl.  
 So today, we armed ourselves with ropes.  Channeled our inner cowboy/cowgirl/country...and in under an hour, we had "Miss Jane" roped and loaded and ready to return to Malvern to a very embarrassed owner.
It was quite an adventure and I feel bad for the little fella and all the moving he has endured this week.  But I can't have two boy donkeys.  I didn't want ONE boy!!  
So, lesson learned.  I do NOT have good luck when I try to add a third.  Look what happened when I added a third dog (Bubba Bear is exhibit A).  Third donkey didn't work out.  So, we are staying with pairs.  Two is the magic number. :)

 Note: There were plenty of lessons in this little fiasco of mine, but the main one is just stick to two! LOL!

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Vader's Mom said...

I have laughed and laughed about this story. I'm so sorry for all the extra trouble, but it's really helped ease my stress level....