Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shhh! It's a secret!

Last night we went to Malvern and looked at this little 7 month old jenny mini donkey!  Now, before you go thinking we have lost our minds (we have!).  Donkeys are companion animals and MUST have a buddy.  Jennies (girls) are easier than boys.  Boy donkeys can be complicated and aggressive UNLESS you get them fixed - which we plan to do.  But that's going to be very difficult if Jethro doesn't warm up to us soon!  Enter Plan B ... we have an experienced donkey owner (this ones owner) who would like Jethro because he has always wanted a white one.  So, we are giving Jethro until the end of July to see if he works with our family. If not, he needs a more experienced owner with Jacks (unfixed male donkeys).  And, this way, Elly May still has a companion if worst case happens. Now...what to name her?  We pick her up on Sunday.  Has to stay with Beverly Hillbillies either Pearl or Jane. Look at those ears!!! :)

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