Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gangs all here!

 How about some Benson critter updates?  Looking through my phone, I have zero recent pics of me or Kevin, but hundreds of the fur babies! :) And, all their birthdays are all pretty much within May and June, so let's celebrate!
 Ruby Rue, aka RooRoo, turned 1 on May 2nd and this coming Saturday marks one year that we have added her to our family.  She was the devil's spawn as a kitten but is starting to get sweeter. Her purr is one of my favorite sounds!  Her and Bubba Bear are still buds and play and chase and wrestle.  I love it!
Rex, aka Rexie, is our gentle, quiet soul.  He turned 6 on May 21st.  I can't believe it's been 6 years!!!  We adopted him from BoxAR Rescue at 6 months old and he is like no boxer I have ever known.  He definitely likes the softest spot to rest and we were worried he would be our one fur baby to NOT like the country life, but he LOVES it.  He loves the donkeys, and running his woods and fences daily. He constantly has a smile on his face when we are outside.  A lot of times, I only take him with me when I go out with the donkeys because he isn't right under my feet the whole time and goes and does his own thing.

 Stella, aka Stella Blue, our neurotic girl.  She turns 6 on June 28th.  We got her right after my Jax passed away, so it's been 6 years without my Jax boy (best dog ever).  Stella is our neurotic, obedient girl.  She loves with her whole being.  She just wants to please us and she is happiest when she is with us and we are touching her.  It can be as simple as my foot resting on her.  She often gets to "go places" with us because she minds the best.  We never have to worry about her wondering off or not coming back.  I often say one day her heart will just explode from all the love she holds.
 And, then there is Bubba Bear, aka Bub.  This boy is a clown, a mess, rotten, momma's boy, spoiled, hard headed, trouble, silly, playful, still puppy-like, hard of hearing (or selective hearing more like it), chases vacuum cleaners and brooms, ...yep, he's one of a kind.  And, believe it or not, he turns 3 on June 23rd. This dog is all mine.  I take full responsibility for the rotten mess he is...he filled a hole in my heart that needed mending.  I will forever love this dog and he will hold a special place with me.  He was my baby when I couldn't have a human one.
The chickens with no names...I refuse to get attached...there is too much that happens with chickens.  They serve a purpose and that is fresh eggs and eating bugs like fleas and ticks.  We started with 8, wanted 6 and bought 2 extra for "insurance"...well, we now have 6. :)  And, these 6 have made it 12 weeks as of Tuesday!  I'm ready for them to move to their coop...enough said! LOL!

The newest additions to our clan are settling in just fine!  We have had them 7 weeks this past Sunday.  Elly May shares a birthday with Stella and will turn 1 on June 28th.  Jethro is 10 months old.  Jethro is the white one and is finally letting me brush him.  I can brush him and run my hands down his front legs.  I'm working on being able to mess with their hooves.  Elly May is just too cute for words, but she wants NOTHING to do with the brush.  Any time I try (even when giving her grain), she takes off.  Not having it.  I can run my hands down her legs and have picked up one of her legs so that's good.  They are just like big dogs and have to be in the middle of everything.  I love them!  I also love that our neighbor told Kevin that his kids look for them every time they drive by.  They are making people smile.  I like that!

There you have it.  The Benson farm all happy and healthy.  And as of this time tomorrow, I will be on summer break with them!!!  Woohoo!!!

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Vader's Mom said...

I saw Bubba's picture and starting laughing at the way you would describe him. Then laughed so hard I was crying when I did read it!!!

And Stella - You melted my heart with your description of her. So very much like my Vader. Loves with every fiber of their being. Only thing better than being touched in a roll in the grass :)