Monday, June 29, 2015

Love these girls!

 Yesterday was our last Sunday School class for the we break for summer.  The girls wanted a "party" and a "real breakfast, not just donuts". LOL!  So, my awesome hubby cooked them bacon, eggs and biscuits.  It was yummy and the girls were happy!!  Then, we had craft time, so it was a good last day.  I would've been sad except I knew we were all going to be at VBS that night and I am moving up with them next year.  They are moving to the teenage building!! ahhh!!  I'm going up the hill to the Ten10 building...never saw that coming!
 Here is what I know about 6th grade girls - they love their phones (and stealing yours), they take a million selfies a day and at least 5 of the same pose, they hack your instagram account and change your screensavers on your phone to themselves, they are fun and adorable and occasionally moody and I love them!

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Vader's Mom said...

I love seeing your account get hacked my them - Little stinkers!!