Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big Bear Birthday

 I can't believe this was our first camping trip of the season and it was July!!!  But, when you mess around and buy land and then go to school until June 19th, these things put a damper in the camper plans! :)  We knew this would be a slow camping year, but it was NICE to get away for a few days and just simply RELAX.  No chores!  
 We went to Old Highway 25 Park on Greers Ferry...the campground I grew up in.  We had a gorgeous view and the first night were entertained with boaters still there from the 4th.  
 I think my favorite parts of camping are the food, the views, sitting outside reading, and just getting to TALK with Big Bear - no interuptions, no "to do" lists, just hang out.
 Big Bear's birthday was actually Monday so I snuck his presents in the camper for him to open that morning. :)
 Tools! Tools!  Tools!  (Please let it help the chicken get done!)
 With his birthday money from his mom-in-law, he got us a Razorback baggo game to keep in the camper.  I did beat him once and almost twice.  But almost doesn't count!  Rematch next trip!
 We always take one dog to be the "special" kiddo and get lots of attention.  Bubba Bear got to be first this year...because we have a new house sitter and we wanted to give her an "easy" job the first time here! LOL!
Old Hwy 25 - site G18 - July 5th thru 7th

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Vader's Mom said...

I love the picture of you and Bubba Bear. He's the cutest thing ever!!!