Friday, July 31, 2015

Cluck Cabin

 The frame went up at the beginning of April with the help and guidance of Danny Johnson.  After those two days of work, we were on our own gathering ideas from pinterest and  :)
 In May the nesting boxes were on along with the outside walls and the tin ceiling.
Then, crazy work schedules hit and Big Bear was working 12 hour days 7 days a week and production pretty much came to a halt until July.  This month we were determined!!  Well, we HAD to be.  The "ladies" were supposed to start laying eggs in almost daily there was some kind of work on the coop.  In 100 degree temps!!
 Kevin put a little roosting bar up at the windows.  The "ladies" went right to it when we put them in it for the first time!!  The opening above is where their ladder goes down to the ground level.
Painting was a chore for early mornings.  Primed first and then two coats of red.

 Then, it was time for the chicken run!!  We had different ideas on how this should go, but my main thing was I had to be able to stand up in the run when I went in to feed and water.  So...the framing began!  All the time keeping in mind how to keep out predators.
 Kevin found this awesome screen door at a flea market!! LOVE IT!
 We went with hardwire cloth at the bottom third and then welded wire fencing for the top third and the very top.  The hardwire cloth also comes out on the ground a bit to prevent digging in.  We are also going to cover it with  quickcrete.
 We installed linoleum flooring for easy cleaning.
Little by little we were finishing up, just firming it up to keep raccoons out.
 Wednesday night in 110 heat index, we finished enough for the "ladies" to move in!!!
 This was a major undertaking for someone who has never built anything.  It was a team effort, but the majority of it was all Big Bear!

 Love the hanging feeder and waterer!!!  We put them in the coop and made a trail of cheerios down the ladder to show them the way.  The "ladies" love cheerios!
 One of the finishing awesome sign that Jennifer made for us!
 Ta-da!  Tonight we put down the quickcrete along the outside edge and finish up the inside nesting boxes and then, we sit back and wait on fresh eggs! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

Love that sign!! Kevin sure looks like he loves those chickens too :)