Saturday, August 1, 2015

Adventures of Bubba Bear!

After 3 months of Bubba Bear only being out of the backyard on a leash or of me tricking the donkeys into the backyard so Bubba could run the land, he FINALLY got to go outside the backyard yesterday with NO LEASH!  This is HUGE!!!!  
Now, the other two, I don't have to supervise at all.  Bubba needs constant supervision, so this won't be happening while I am distracted with chores, but for now, it is progress.  The good news is that he never leaves my side so I don't have to chase him down to see what he is doing...he is momma's boy and doesn't wander off.  Unlike his brother, Rex, who was MIA for 30 minutes this morning!!!  So far, so good!  Today, the donkeys even came up to him and he was good (after I gave a stern warning).  Baby steps with the Bubba Bear!!