Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cluckin' Good Time!

 Last night, we decided to be brave (or I was brave...Kevin wasn't worried) and we let "the ladies" out to free range.  For obvious reasons, the dogs stayed inside the house for this experiment! :)
They had a big time peeking the ground and finding bugs.  No cricket, flea, tick, or grasshopper was safe!  The ladies were on the loose!
 And, of course, here comes Jethro and Elly May to see what was going on.  Nothing gets past those two!

I had lots of helpers with the chicken feed!!
I think one of the chickens is trying to tell Elly May that wasn't donkey food! HA!

When we were ready for them to go back in their run, Kevin started clapping and leading them in the right direction.  I got so tickled because they all followed him! LOL!  I threw some mealworms in the run and it was a done deal!

*Please note: Kevin has on an ankle brace, not just one sock! ha!
Adventures await daily on the farm!

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Vader's Mom said...

They know their leader, huh!! How cute! Please, please write a book about all of this. Each animal has their own adorable personality and you capture it so well. Of course, Bubba may need his on stand-alone sequel...