Saturday, August 8, 2015

Doses of Cuteness

Today was another big day for the farm books - my FIRST of many breakfasts provided by "the ladies" yummy!!
Followed that by meeting my Mom and niece in Searcy for a little shopping and lunch.  Got my first day of school outfit. :)  And, then it was back to the homestead to enjoy my babies. 

We actually had a nice breeze tonight for a bit after a day of horrible humidity and heat...the boxers decided that meant perfect weather for a boxer wrestling match!  Elly May kept a close eye on the activities. 

Bubba wants to play with Jethro SO bad!! Jethro was introduced to the boxer "box" tonight...I have it on video and you hear me gasp when Bubba boxed him, but Jethro just casually walks away.  No kicking or anything.  There is hope for these two attention hounds of mine!
We tried to get a group shot tonight...I mean it's never too early to start practicing for that Christmas card!! :)

 My boys!
Just another night of adorable! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

You are totally in your element. The smile on your face makes my heart happy.