Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Farm Tales

This is HUGE and makes my heart SO happy!!  Bubba has been out now without a leash for about a week.  Last night we had major progress with the donkeys.  Kevin and I had been gone for two days camping so the donkeys were stuck to us like glue outside.  Well, that meant Bubba was going to have to be real good.  And he was!!!! :)  He let them sniff him and Jethro even licked him!!!

He even lowered himself and laid down.  At one point he laid down between them but I couldn't get a picture because when I backed up the donkeys started following me.  
This morning we went out to give the chickens some treats and the donkeys were over with the chickens.  Bubba's little nub started going 90 to nothing when Jethro came over to give him the once over.  Bubba even got in his play stance!  I can't believe it!!  I'm still keeping a very close eye on him but this is HUGE!  I don't have to leave him inside anymore or trick the donkeys to stay in the backyard so Bubba can get out!  whew!

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Vader's Mom said...

I love these pictures!! I see a children's book soon about your crazy farm kiddos! Those pictures alone tell a heartwarming one.