Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's a 6 egg day!

Today was a GOOD day on the farm!  It's official that all 6 hens are laying eggs!!  We got 6 eggs today!!  Wooho!!  So exciting!  I was having a irritating afternoon at work, so this turned my day right around!
What is it about cats & changing the sheets?  Simba used to love it when I changed the sheets and now Ruby Rue comes running! 
My friend who made me the Cluck Cabin sign, also made me this awesome sign!!  She's the best!
Dirty ole country dog! Love it!
The beginnings of my ONE flowerbed...or donkey garden. You know they are going to eat it! LOL!
Thanks dad!  Fresh dirt is cool! 
And, that my friends, wraps up my 6 egg day!
The only problem with having land and loving it is that I don't want to come in until dark.  That means my house doesn't get cleaned, laundry doesn't get done and I am not having time to read! (gasp!)  If only I could stay home... :)


Vader's Mom said...

I love this post!!!

osvaldo anderson said...

I am excited to used my egg apron like your apron given my mother because I am the assigned all the eggs on our poultry.
The Egg Apron