Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just a night on the farm...

First thing we do when we get home is collect eggs.  And, now thanks to my mom-in-law, I have an awesome egg apron to collect them in!!  I can't believe she made me one.  It is so cool!!!
At this point, we are still at two laying hens and four slackers.  Maybe tomorrow there will be more!
Especially since we gave them a yummy watermelon treat!  Now, they need to give us eggs in return! :)  Big thanks to our friends, the Ridings, who came to dinner Sunday night.  They brought watermelon and today the chickens & Elly May enjoyed it!  Jethro wasn't too sure about it.
 In other adventures, on our walk tonight Stella found something good to roll in...and just had to show Bubba Bear! (by good, I mean stinky and it was probably donkey pee. urgh!)
Well...two can join that party!
I mean, that must have been something real good!!  Hope they don't get in the bed with me tonight! ha!
And, in donkey land, I can now brush them both and mess with all their feet so I decided to start working them on coming into the barn.  Elly May will come into the barn, but there is something about it that makes Jethro nervous.  So...tonight I made them eat their grain right inside the door.  It took him a bit, but in the end the grain won out and we have two feet in but that's as far as he will go.
 Technically donkeys don't need a barn or stall.  They just need a 3 sided shelter to go into to get out of the weather & they have that down on the other end of the property.  My thinking is that this winter when it gets super cold and snowing, I'd like to keep them up by the house and warm in the barn.  So, we are working on going into the barn now before it gets cold.  Makes sense right?
Meanwhile, while I shuffle and feed all the animals, Big Bear puts his new toy to use and sprays the fence lines.  Our toys now include things like backpack sprayers and egg aprons. :)  Ahhhh...life is good! 
There you have it...just a regular night on the farm.  Throw in a little chicken free range action and you got the whole night.  I'm going to be so sad when daylight savings time kicks in!!!!

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Vader's Mom said...

I love this - It's a lot of work, but sounds so peaceful at the same time. And just think, everything Bubba Bear taught you, you know get to use on Jethro!!