Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Last summer hoorah!

 Our last camping trip for awhile...school starts for me on Thursday. :(  Summer is coming to a close.  But we always try to get one last trip in right before I go back.  And, this time we went to one of our favorite spots - Shouse Ford on Lake DeGray.  We ate good!!  I love camping food!!!  BBQ nachos, camping breakfasts and chicken salad.  YUMMO!
I think we like going to DeGray better because we explore more there and we go fishing.  I actually caught my dinner for the night.  woohoo!
Stella has to be reminded everytime we take her fishing that when we cast our lines, it is NOT a game of fetch! LOL!  After that, she usually settles down...except for dropping her ball or water toy by your feet constantly to remind you what she would rather be doing.
What really kills me is when she "gives up on you" and drops her water toys in the water herself and pushes them with her nose and then watches them float away.  After they get out a certain distance, she retrieves them. HA!

We went looking for different places to fish the second day...I am always reminded that around the corner is Arkansas beauty.  You just have to stop and look.

Now can we play?  Look at those crazed eyes!! Water fetch is like crack to a lab! ha!

Like I said...Arkansas beauty!
It was a good trip of relaxing, eating, fishing, and watching Stella doing what she loves.  
Shouse Ford site 77 - August 2nd - 4th

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Vader's Mom said...

She pushes her toys and waits on them - then retrieves them. THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!